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Vigor Drilling has been excelling in the manufacturing of Downhole Drilling Tools like Stabilizers,Website:, Reamers, Hole Openers, Drill pipe ,Sucker Rods, Drilling Jars, Shock Tools etc. and Mechanical Parts machining since started. With the great advantage of our factory facilities licensed with API 7-1, API 5DP, API -5CT etc located in the key Oil and Gas Region of China, Vigor Drilling has been able to supply with the latest technology products and services to the Local and overseas Oil and Gas Fields. Pioneering in the manufacturing of Downhole Tools with continual improvement and implementation of latest technology Machineries and Products Vigor Drilling has been able to acquire customers across the globe. Vigor Drilling always focus on the Quality of the products and satisfaction of our customers providing with the best technology and service to meet our customer requirements and always thankful to our customers whom we treasure the most. This Venture of Vigor Drilling has made us the Partner for Downhole Drilling among our customers.
Products and services
AISI 4145H MOD forging stabilizer, Non-magnetic Stabilizer(Chromium Manganese Austenitic Stainless steel), integral spiral blade string stabilizer, Intergral 3 Blades Stabilizer, Turboback stabilizer, Forging drill stabilizer, IB down hole String Stabilizer, String or Near Bit RPL Hollow Bar, Near Bit and String IBS (integral blade stabilizer ), Near Bit or String Stabilizer(NB/SS), Replaceable sleeve type stabilizer, Stabilizer with Stress Relieve Groove(SRG) and Bore Back(BB), Spherical stabilizer, API 7-1 Spec.RH Stabilizer, HF( Hard Facing )1000/2000 3000 4000 5000 Stabilizer, Cold rolling on the threads, Rotary Sub, crossover subs, drill stem subs, Rotary drill stem Sub, adapter sub, X-over and Cross Subs, AISI 4145H Crossover, API Crossover, AISI 4145H Hole opener, carbide-milled teeth and insert cutters, hole opener to enlarge pilot hole, Hole opener with soft formation/medium formation/ hard formation, 36" Hole opener, 8"shock tool Manufactuter, 6 1/2"Drilling Jar spare parts, Mandrel sub for drilling jar, Hydraulic mechanical double acting drilling jar, rotary drilling reamer, different cutter types for soft/medium/hard formation, Roller Reamer Forging, Sealed bearing roller reamer, 13cr L80 casing/tubing with 80Ksi minimium yield strength, 28Cr L80 Casing/tubing, CRA Casing/tubing, premium connection casing/tubing, K55,J55,N80,C95,T95,P110 CASING, API 5CT Seamless pipe and ERW pipe,SAW Pipe, Super 13 chromium Casing , Vam Top casing stock, Tenaris Casing in stock N80Q casing in stock Sumitomo casing stock PSL1 and PSL2 casing Flush connection OCTG Coupling API 5CT coupling J55, K55, N80Q, L80, P110, C90, T85, C110 and Q125 with PSL1 and PSL2 P110 coupling BTC, LTC, STC casing coupling Phosphating coupling EUE Coupling, NUE Coupling 8RD Coupling, 10RD Coupling Premium Connection Coupling casing and tubing collar Gas tight connection L8013Cr Pup joint API 5CT Pup joint OCTG Pup joint API Spec 5CT oil tubing pup joint in stock EUE/NUE tubing pup joint progressive cavity pump(PCP) drive rod progressive cavity pump(PCP) polished rod progressive cavity pump(PCP) Rod Polish Pony rod, API 11B Sucker rod, AISI4138M Sucker rod, 4330 Sucker rod AISI 4142 Sucker rod API 11B Grade D,KD Sucker rod UHS sucker rod and Coupling Sinker bar spray metal sucker rod coupling Grade 95,Grade 78,Grade 97 sucker rods sucker rods with molded guide sucker rods wiht molded centralizer Specially Alloy sucker rod spay metal coupling 5/8" 3/4" 7/8" 1" 1 1/8" 1 1/4" 1 1/2'' sucker rod tubing pump rod pump hollow sucker rod Norris sucker rod subsurface tubing/rod pump drive rod Grade 75/78/90/96/97 Sucker rod sucker rod for PCP API11B Pony Rod Rod guide for sucker Sucker rod guide Sucker Rod guide sucker rod pump sucker rod string sucker rod coupling sucker rod pump components Sucker rod pump unit controller octg pipe octg products octg manufacturers octg tubing octg tubular downhole drilling tools oilfield drilling tools drill string components;horizontal drilling tools directional drilling tools;drill stem components Downhole stabilizer LWD/MWD Logging Tools Wire line logging Pipe Monitering
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