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Date: 22nd July 2016
CRA Pipe
CRA Pipe is applicated in the deep well environment containing CO2.Mostly, when the partial pressure of CO2 is more than 30psiand high corrosion rates arised, Steel grades alloyed with high contents of Chromium , Molybdenum and Nickel is effective on resisting corrosion. 13Cr Steel OCTG Pipe made with 13% Chromium (13Cr) are the least expensive corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) tubulars that can be used to combat C02 corrision and H2S environmental cracking without inhibitor treatment. These stainless steel tubulars cost only half as much as duplex stainless steel and one-fourth to one-tenth as much as high-nickel CRA materials. Using 13Cr Steel OCTG Pipe might also be less expensive and more cost-effective than using carbon/low-alloy steel with inhibition. The 13Cr Steel OCTG Pipes are especially attractive for tubing applications in offshore production operations where working space is limited and workover costs are high. Tubulars made with 13% Cr have been widely used in North America, the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and North Slope of Alaska.13Cr steel is susceptible to corrosion at high temperature, to sulfidestress cracking (SSC) in moderate to high H2S environments and to crevice corrosion. Therefore, application of 13Cr Steel OCTG Pipe does require precautions in tubular design, procurement, handling, storage, and field operations.If you are looking for competitive, high quality and fast delivery oilfield cra pipe in stock, or if you are planning to buy cra pipe API from one of the leading corrosion resistant alloy pipe, cra lined pipes manufacturers and suppliers China, please feel free to contact VIGOR.
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