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Date: 22nd July 2016
Casing Head And Tubing Head
Casing Head?The Casing Head is a kind of part of connecting casings and wellheads. It is used to support the weight of technical casing and intermediate casing and seal the annular space between the casings, which provides a transition joint for the installation of the tubing head, Christmas tree and other wellheads. The two-side-outlet design allows the casing head to supply cement, monitor and control well's sinking, and inject balance liquids etc.Casing Head Housing type: Threaded Bottom, Slip Bottom and Welded Bottom.Tubing Head ?Tubing Head is usually a spool with both flanged ends. It is set on the top flange of casing head to hang tubing hanger and seal the annular space between the tubing string and intermediate casing, consisting of tubing head spool and tubing hanger.
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