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Date: 22nd July 2016
Drill Pipe
Vigor Drilling's available Drill Pipes Sizes ( API spec 5DP Drill Pipe)Size (Inch)Nominal Weight Calculated Weight WpeCalculated Weight WpeGradeWall ThicknessUpset Ends. For Weld-on Tools JointLb/ft kg/m Inmm2 3/86.656.269.32E?X?G?S0.2807.11EU2 7/810.409.7214.48E?X?G?S0.3629.19IU or EU3 1/29.508.8113.12E0.2546.45IU or EU3 1/213.3012.3118.34E?X?G?S0.3689.35IU or EU3 1/215.5014.6321.79E0.44911.40IU or EU3 1/215.5014.6321.79E?X?G?S0.44911.40EU or IEU414.0012.9319.26E?X?G?S0.3308.38>IU or EU4 1/213.7512.2418.23E0.2716.88IU or EU4 1/216.6014.9822.31E?X?G?S0.3378.56EU or IEU4 1/220.0018.6927.84E?X?G?S0.43010.92EU or IEU516.2514.8722.15E?X?G?S0.2967.52IU519.5017.9326.71E0.3629.19IEU519.5017.9326.71E?X?G?S0.3629.19EU or IEU525.6024.0335.79E0.50012.70IEU525.6024.0335.79E?X?G?S0.50012.70EU or IEU5 1/221.9019.8129.51E?X?G?S0.3619.17IEU5 1/224.7022.5433.57E?X?G?S0.41510.54IEU6 5/825.2022.1933.05E?X?G?S0.3308.38IEU6 5/827.7024.2136.06E?X?G?S0.3629.19IEUMechanical Properties of Drill Pipes with different grades:Steel Grade Yield Strength Tensile Strength Min. Max.Min. Psi Mpa Psi Mpa Psi Mpa E-75 75000 517 105000 724 100000 689 X-95 95000 655 125000 862 105000 724 G-105 105000 724 135000 931 115000 793 S-135 135000 931 165000 1138 145000 1000If you are looking for competitive, high quality and fast delivery oilfield drill pipe in stock, or if you are planning to buy drill pipe API from one of the leading drill pipe in stock, heavy weight drill pipe (hwdp), api 5dp drill pipe pup joint, arnco 100xt, 200xt, 300xt, 150xt drill pipe, high torque drill pipe manufacturers and suppliers China, please feel free to contact VIGOR.
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