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Date: 22nd July 2016
Platform Drilling Robot
Vigor Drilling Platform Drilling Robot is a new type of automated device for wellhead drilling operations. The goal of this technology is to improve the safety and the automatic level of drilling operations, reduce the intensity of labor workers and better the working environment with improved efficiency. The Platform Drilling Robot can automatically perform many operations by the wireless remote control, such as making up joints, laying down drill pipes, racking the stands, trip down drill pipes, making up the connection, lowering the kelly into the rat hole, picking up the Kelly out of rat hole and so on.Functions:1.With safe and reliable design of the explosion-proof electric apparatus system and wireless remote control system and its core element from the international brand product, the Robot can be controlled easily by one person within 10 meters.2.With small system load, high safety coefficient and reliability, the design of the low pressure fluid path system and professional components can work to perform a variety of operations under 10Mpa pressure.3.With ingenious folding mechanism beams and compact design the robot takes up small room, but works in a large range. With good mechanical endurance, it conveys various diameters pipe fittings within the rotation radius of 3 meters (or 2 .3 meters).4.By controlling the manipulator the robot can catch the pipe fittings accurately from all directions and eliminate the stress concentration generated by bias.5.The design of disc brake enables the Platform Drilling Robot to locate accurately the position of well and inching to the appointed location.6.With wireline embedded and modules design means less lines exposed, the Platform Drilling Robot achieves good protection function and neat typing appearance.7.Equipped with its own hydraulic power pack and special fixtures, it just needs a 380V/25A ( quadrupole ) socket in platform to be installed and removed conveniently. The whole robot has light weight to be transported and put to work.8.The Platform Drilling Robot's automatic shutdown function enables the shutdown of the electric machine within ten seconds after the absence of action command and leaves null circulation in the hydraulic power system, which can save energy and extend life of the components.9.The repeated and heavy labor finished by three or four people at the wellhead in the past can be easily replaced by one person through remote controlling of the working robot, therefore greatly improving the safety level of the wellhead operations, significantly reducing labor intensity, effectively increasing work efficiency, thus leads to innovations for wellhead automation operation domestic and abroad.If you are looking for competitive, high quality and fast delivery oilfield platform drilling robot in stock, or if you are planning to buy platform drilling robot API from one of the leading oilfield robot for safety platform operation, intelligent drilling operation robot, robotic oil drilling manufacturers and suppliers China, please feel free to contact VIGOR.
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