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Date: 22nd July 2016
Roller Reamer
Vigor Drilling Roller Reamer can perform the double functions of centralization and reaming when drilling in varying formations, which with 3 Point String Rotary Reamer. Its service life can be extended by replacing new cutters when the old cutters worn and become smaller.Impact strength value as per ASTM A370 , all bars inspected ultrasonically over their full length & full section. All connection machined & furnished according to API 7-1 standard.China Vigor, Roller Reamer manufacturer, could design the special size Roller Reamer with detailed well condition.If you are looking for competitive, high quality and fast delivery oilfield roller reamer in stock, or if you are planning to buy roller reamer API from one of the leading roller reamers drilling, rotary drilling reamer, roller reamer forging, sealed bearing roller reamer manufacturers and suppliers China, please feel free to contact VIGOR.
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