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Date: 22nd July 2016
Sucker Rod
?Vigor Drilling can supply entire line of API sucker rod, progressive cavity pump(PCP) drive rod,pony rod etc to meet the specific requirement of any wells. All the sucker rods are manufactured by means of a rigorous quality assurance system that complies with API specification 11B and ISO 9001/API Q1.All sucker rod is manufactured from high quality steel bars which pass the magnetic particle testing and straightening.During the forging process,the sucker rod ends are heated in induction furnaces to ensure optimal fatigue resistance of the forged zone.Sucker Rod/Drive Rod/Pony Rod are full length heat treated, straightening and shot blasting to remove the scale and oxidation. Thread is obtained by means of cold rolling to ensure a precise,reinforced thread structure and dimension gauged. The inhibitor lubricant is applied to each pin and install thread protector, coating with rust inhibitors and carefully palletized in bundles for safe transport and handling.Sucker rod is available in 5/8", 3/4",7/8",1" and 1 1/8".Drive rod for progressing cavity pump are available in 1",1 1/4" and 1 1/2".We can also supply hollow sucker rod, which can be used for flushing sand and salt condition. Hollow Sucker also can be used in hollow sucker rod electric heating device, just run the electric cable in the center hole of the hollow sucker rod.If you are looking for competitive, high quality and fast delivery oilfield sucker rod in stock, or if you are planning to buy sucker rod API from one of the leading api 11b sucker rod drive rod, aisi 4142 aisi4138m aisi4330 sucker rod, uhs sucker rod and coupling, sinker bar, grade 75/78/90/96/97 sucker rod manufacturers and suppliers China, please feel free to contact VIGOR.
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