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Date: 22nd July 2016
Valves And Manifold
Gate Valve,Choke Valve,?Check Valve,Plug ValveProduct Specification Level(PSL) for gate valve :1-3,for all other products: 1-4Material Class: AA-FFPerformance Requirement(PR):1-2.Working Pressure:2000PSI-15000PSI?Choke ManifoldFabrication of Choke Manifold is according to API Spec.16CChoke Manifold is necessary device to control the well kick successfully and execute the pressure control technology on oil/gas well in the course of drilling. The choke manifold consists of choke valves, gate valves,line pipes, fitting,pressure gauges and other components.Working Pressure: 2,000PSI-15,000PSINominal Bore size: 2 1/16"to 4 1/16"The kill manifold is available in pressure ratings of 14MPa, 21 Mpa,35Mpa,70Mpa and 105Mpa,and also can be available upon customer request.?Kill ManifoldFabrication of kill manifold is according to API Spec.16C.In case of increase of the well head pressure,the kill manifold can provide a means of pumping heavy drilling fluid into the well to balance bottom hole pressure so that well kick and blowout can be prevented. The kill manifold consists of check valves,gate vales,pressure gauges and line pipes. The one end of the kill manifold is connected to the drilling spool and other end is connected to the pump.The kill manifold is available in pressure of 14MPa, 21 Mpa,35Mpa,70Mpa.??
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